Female- Willow

Willow is an all black Portuguese Water Dog. She is an active, loyal, and friendly dog. When bred with our stud Ziggy, she has produced puppies that are all black, black and white, and both wavy and curly coats. 

Willow's Puppies 2015

Female- Violet

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Violet had her first litter on March 9th! She is a calm and attentive mother, and easy-going when people are around her puppies. She is black and white and produced all very cute and curly puppies for her first litter.


Female- Belle

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Belle is a fun-loving companion. She is very playful and always has a toy in her mouth. She had her first litter on March 26th! She produced all curly puppies with two that are almost all white!

Stud- Ziggy

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Ziggy is our easy-going stud who listens well and has a great personality. He is an excellent swimmer and loves being active and taking walks. He is a curly water dog, with litter-mates who ranged from all-black to all-white and everything in between. He has produced some amazing puppies with our girls!